The Nonprofit ER Academy:

Prescription for the CURE

Let's take your organization from Deficit to Surplus in as little as one year!

The Nonprofit ER™ consists of 4 main components that will take you from deficit to surplus in as little as one year.  Each module is designed to help you get your ailing organization back on track and aid you in becoming profitable, sustainable, and compliant.  Want to know what this program looks like? Keep scrolling!

What is The Nonprofit ER™?

  • The Nonprofit ER™ is a nonprofit business building training program that plunges into your nonprofit organization and allows you to analyze and fix the issues that are plaguing it and preventing it from thriving.  The program takes you step-by-step through an in-depth analytical process so you can diagnose the disease, prescribe the treatment, and cure the problem, and give it regular vaccinations and boosters to keep it healthy.





















What makes The Nonprofit ER™ the BEST Program for failing Nonprofits?
























How The Nonprofit ER™ Works


This is a 4-months Emergency Room Nonprofit Business Building course to get your organization PROFITABLE, SUSTAINABLE, and COMPLIANT. 


Here is how it works in 4 steps:



Although we will be tackling a different area each month the put the systems and process need to build and grow profitability, sustainability, and compliance, you can take the time needed to complete the task based on your personal schedule.  We don't want you to feel pressured, but you want you to succeed.


02|Choose the Way You Learn Best

This program has video/audio, written information, and worksheets. It takes care of the audio, visual, and tactile learners.


03|Do and Re-Do

You get lifetime access to the course. You can revisit the program as many times as you need to get it right.


04|Live Training and Q & A

You get weekly live training based on the skills and concepts being taught.







Module I - Determining Pain Level: Triage 

In this module, we will assess the degree of urgency associated with your organization.  Are you on a Level I - RED - CriticalLevel II - YELLOW - UrgentLevel 3 - GREEN - Supportive?  We will analyze your goals and outcomes and assess the systems you have in place to support and achieve stated measurable outcomes. These steps will lead to a firm diagnosis we can then cure.  You can schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation after you have completed this session to clarify any questions.


Module II – Diagnosis the PROBLEM: Disease

Once we have identified the problem, we can then come up with a definitive diagnosis. We will find all the areas that are traumatized and bleeding and prescribe a series of elixirs (processes and stra