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Tracy V. Allen 

Impact Strategist | 

Small Business Funding Wiz 

"Putting the pieces together to make sense."





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Tracy V. Allen is an Impact Strategist, Small Business Funding Strategist, Speaker, Author, Educator, Trainer, and Publisher with a passion for helping organizations thrive structurally and financially.


The founder and engine behind TVA Consulting, Tracy, and her team of experts help Social Enterprises/Entrepreneurs attract funding, increase capacity, deliver exemplary programs/services, and create a positive impact in the communities they serve.


Tracy received her BA from Excelsior College.  She has also been an Educator for 20 years with most of her focus being in the area of Middle School English Language Arts.  


When Tracy isn't strategizing for clients, she is doing volunteer work for SCORE Greater Hartford Chapter as a Co-Chair, Education, and Inclusion & Diversity Coordinator, Fundraising Team Member, as well as the organization's representative on the Small Nonprofit Community Partners Committee.  She also volunteers with Envision Lead Grow and sits on the board of the Charter Oak State College Foundation and the Black Business Alliance.


Tracy also hosts three podcast shows.  She has a weekly podcast/vodcast called Change Agentz Podcast™ with various segments.


Tracy is also a mom of two and enjoys spending quality time with them cooking, traveling, and having riveting discussions about societal issues. 

Leading Interview Questions

  • Why do you focus on Fund Development and not Fundraising Specifically?

  • Why is strategic planning so important?

  • What are the 3 areas that nonprofits are least compliant in when trying to build?

  • How can stories help nonprofits build?

  • Why do you recommend taking the time to become grant ready?

  • How do help Nonprofit Leaders reclaim their time?

Example Topics

  • A good strategy starts with goals and objectives

  • How to Building a Better Board

  • What you need to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

  • Grant Readiness:  Are you ready to Receive and Manage IT

  • Why you should stay Mission Centered

  • How to Build Community Partners

  • Staying Compliant and Trustworthy

  • Programs and Services: The Life Blood of the organization.

Signature Workshops

  • Strategically Planned 365™

  • Telling Profitable Stories™

Signature Online Courses

  • The Social Enterprise Playbook

  • Grant Writing Everything™

  • Fundraising Everything™

  • GPSing to Sponsorship™

  • Year-End Fundraising Superhero™

  • Gala Planning Success™

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