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The 3 P’s of Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is just around the corner. While it might seem to be a tight deadline for a last-minute preparation after deciding to join, we are here to actually give you the 3P's of Giving Tuesday so you will be more prepared next year.

So, here are the 3P's of Giving Tuesday that you should know by heart.


Before you move into action, it is always essential that you come up with a well-detailed plan about your activities for Giving Tuesday. This is ideally done ahead of time, allowing you to have ample time to Prepare and Promote your Giving Tuesday Activities.

Having a plan in place will allow you to have strategic actions, movements, and activities, and in case of emergencies, a contingency plan. Everything that will be happening on your Giving Tuesday Activity must always be included in the plan. That way, you can avoid any incidents that might cause problems.

Now that you have a blueprint of the Giving Tuesday that you have in mind, it is time to put it into action. Using your plan as a guide and checklist, start accomplishing the things that must be done ahead of time, so you can think and act at ease, rather than work in a frenzy because you are trying to catch up on your deadlines just in time for the activity.

So, when doing the preparations, you should ask yourself: Are you prepared to captivate your audience and raise some much-needed money on Giving Tuesday?

Here are a few Strategies and Things that you should be doing as part of your Preparations:

Lastly, you need to let everyone, especially your target people, about your Giving Tuesday activities. And how do you do that? By promoting it! Here are 4 Tips on how to promote your Giving Tuesday Events:

  • Share your website and social media pages on various platforms

  • Create an Event Thermometer

  • Asks your Ambassadors, Board of Directors (BOD), and Staff to share

  • Go Live

Now that you have all the 3P's of Giving Tuesday, you will be more prepared next time. If you need help in creating your Giving Tuesday plan, visit and send us a message!

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