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The 3 E’s of Social of Entrepreneurship

Helping the community and making an impact on those who need it, is a great thing. But before you go jump into the Social Enterprise industry, do you even know where to begin?

When it comes to building Social Entrepreneurship, there are a couple of things that you need to take note of. One of those things is the 3 E's of Social Entrepreneurship. These are important steps that you should do before you proceed to Start a Social Enterprise.

Let’s enumerate what are those 3 E’s and explore each one of them.


This is the stage wherein you are still finding out or deciding about a lot of things about your plan for a Social Enterprise. It’s basically the research part. Doing market research to find out what kind of products and services can you offer to solve social problems to help a community and make an impact and change to that community.

This also involves talking to experts who have been working on that cause and talking to members of the community. Remember that you are not the only one who is championing this cause, so you need to think of ways outside the box to deliver the impact that you wanted.


Is the stage wherein you start trying a few things to find out if they are working or not. This is called Beta Testing. One way to proceed to the experimentation stage is through your exploration stage, wherein you create a survey to gather on-the-ground information directly from the people that you are trying to serve.

From that data, come up with a few ideas that you think can help that community and see how they affect the community or fix the problem that you are trying to solve, as well as the impact that it created.


Now that you were able to come up with a solid solution to create an impact and help the community, now is the time to put them all together and create the actual service, program, or product.

This is where you need to start going through the 10 Steps of Starting a Social Enterprise.

There are a lot of things that you should be doing, but we will be sharing the 10 basic steps to starting a Social Enterprise, that will help you decide when you are thinking about starting a Social Enterprise or considering starting one.

  1. Asks questions: Are you ready to start a Social Enterprise?

  2. Define your Cause

  3. Choose the Type of Entity

  4. Create a plan of action to develop a Social Enterprise

  5. Create a Budge

  6. Identify your Funding Source

  7. Get a Professional Advice

  8. Put together an Advisory Board

  9. Launch-Advertise-Promote

  10. Open your Social Enterprise

If you need help in starting your social enterprise, please visit our website and send us a message so we can help you build your Social Enterprise and create an impact on your community.

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