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Telling Profitable Stories

What Is Business Storytelling?

Storytelling for business owners refers to the use of the story structure for the purpose of communication, collaboration, and marketing. Storytelling can be used to persuade peers and clients, develop marketing narratives, and help your company stand out amongst its competitors.

Being able to understand the components of storytelling can be a powerful tool that business owners can use to create a compelling message that speaks directly to each prospective customer as if you were having an individual conversation with each of them.

How is Storytelling Used for Business Communication?

Storytelling can be influential when used for business communication. It plays a role in internal and external communication strategies. A well-constructed narrative can change the viewpoints of your audience swaying them to understanding and connecting with your position. To be a successful business owner, you need to become an excellent storyteller so that your message connects with your audience.

Why Is Storytelling Important?

Storytelling gives your creative liberties that allows you to adapt it to your audience for maximum impact. Storytelling is a natural way for humans to connect with each other. It utilizes our natural curiosity and instinctive desire for resolution. That usually means that if you tell a remarkably interesting story, you can hook the audience and have them eating out of the palms of your hand and until you have given them a resolution. Once your audience has bought into your story and it has connected with them, they will commit your brand to memory and be complied to purchase what you are selling.

How To Tell Compelling Stories?

To be able to learn how to tell compelling stories, the first step is to learn the traditional story structure, you know, the one you learn in English class in middle school. Let me refresh your memory. The traditional story structure:

  • Exposition. At the beginning of the story where important characters, settings, and backgrounds are revealed.

  • Rising Action. A series of events that will build towards a final point.

  • Climax. The turning point of the story. This is where things often change dramatically.

  • Falling Action. This is where things between protagonist and antagonist unravel. In business, the protagonist can be an idea, task, or situation.

  • Conclusion. This is where all the events of the falling action are resolved. The tensions are released, and everyone is happy and ready to solve their next problem.

In my course“Telling Profitable Stories,” you will learn many variations to this structure that will allow you to become more influential when delivering your story which will allow you to close the deal.

Who Becomes the Business’s Storyteller?

Any individual can become a storyteller once they have grasped the concept of “Telling Profitable Stories.” If you own a business that has a lot of employees, you might want to assign this task to one person like the Public Relations Officer or your Marketing Manager. If you have a smaller establishment then it would be to your benefit to have all staff members trained in the Art of “Telling Profitable Stories.”

How Do You Become a Great Storyteller?

So, now that you have learned how important it is to deliver compelling stories if your want to become a master storyteller, you need to register for “Telling Profitable Stories,” now. We will take you step by step through the process of finding and developing stories for your company that will convert onlookers into buyers and get new onlookers to nurture and eventually turn into buyers as well.

We have taught the storytelling strategies in this course to tons of our clients who have seen their income double or quadruple after consistent and effective implementation.

So, what are you waiting for? The course starts Tuesday, August 3rd and we are Live every Tuesday after that until all the modules are complete. But it does not stop there. Because we are invested in your success we will meet once a month for 6-months to answer any pressing questions you may have and offer support.

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