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Networking for Success

Networking. Everyone does it, but some people are more effective at it.

So, what is the secret to networking successfully? The secret is to go into the networking event knowing who and why you want to connect. Knowing this takes away a lot of the anxiety that may build up because you are just not comfortable making small talk. Do some reconnaissance on the people and industries that will be present. Getting prepared the number one key to networking success. (Deanne R. Ambersley, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Networking).

Networking events are a great opportunity to present yourself, make new connections, and find yourself a new job or business opportunity. As a successful networker, you will display a genuine interest in your networking contacts and work to develop those relationships. This will help you to establish your credibility allowing you to share your knowledge and information.

Networking is an intentional ongoing process, it requires diligence, interest, organization. Meeting the people that will help you to further your mission can be done effectively through networking. Here are a few of the types of people that I think that you should be trying to attract when networking for success:

1. Ambassadors

This is the person that will become the “mouthpiece” for your company without being salesy. We know that word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools. They know and understand the culture and nature of your business and are willing to talk about it to their friends, family members, audience, and other business associates. They help you to build brand recognition and trust amongst your core audience and theirs. These people may be paid or unpaid.

2. Mentors

This is someone who listens, provides insight, and shares advice, and counsel. A mentor could discuss with you how to make your next business move, how to enter a new market, or how to position yourself to approach investors. Your mentor needs to be someone that you can connect with on a deep level and trust.

3. Coaches

This person is a listener. They provide you with guidance and helps you to get to the core of the things happening in your business. They help make sense of issues, challenges, and opportunities by providing clarity and a pathway that helps you to make an informed discussion. A coach is not necessarily a subject matter expert. A coach is usually focused on your operations management and leadership skills. This relationship is symbiotic, with both parties playing equal roles in communication.

4. Sponsor

The Sponsor is the person that opens doors for you. This person is in a high leadership position, is held in high esteem, well connected, and influential. They operate in circles that you want to enter but do not have the connections to enter. After consistent exposure to you, they will get to know your abilities, trust the work you do, and will recommend you for opportunities that fit your next level dream. This warm lead is like a shoo-in because the people he/she is sending you to, know, like, and trust his/her recommendations and already believes in your ability.

In a nutshell, an ambassador helps you connect with your audience, a coach listens to you, a mentor advises you, and a sponsor talks about and acts on your behalf.

So, let’s get to networking! Meeting the right person at a networking

event and nurturing that relationship could change the trajectory of your business.

If you want to learn how to network effectively with step-by-step proven strategies, checkout Deanne R. Ambersley, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Networking and 21 Irrefutable Laws of Networking Workbook.

Strategically Yours,

Tracy V. Allen

Impact Strategist

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