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Is Your Organization Grant Ready?

A very high percentage of the inquiries that I receive are from small to mid-range organizations that want to apply for grants. Once I start asking specific questions informally, it becomes apparent that some grant readiness issues will need to be rectified before applying for a grant.

Through this informal assessment I can determine:

  1. If the organization is in the financial position to pay for grant writing

  2. If they would be able to manage the grant if received

  3. See the program/service to fruition

  4. What areas they will need to strengthen to their readiness among other things.

So, what exactly is grant readiness?

Basically, grant readiness is an organization’s capacity to find, apply to, win, and manage grant applications successfully. Although 90% of all organizations believe they are granted ready, the reality is, most aren’t, especially the newer organizations.

So, how does an organization know when they are granted ready? Well, there are a few ways:

  1. Have a formal assessment done by a consultant,

  2. Do a Grant Readiness Self-Assessment

  3. You can also check out the signs below.


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