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Nonprofit Made Easy™




Is it your desire to save and help your community thrive?


Have you identified a problem in the community and feel that your purpose in life is to champion the issue?


Do you think a nonprofit is a great idea to make a change, but you don’t have enough knowledge to get started? 


Does the process seem daunting?


Are you unsure if you have or will be setting everything up right?


The Nonprofit Made Easy™ is the answer to your problem.  Each month you will receive a digital or physical box full of information and worksheets that will take you through the process of setting up your organization the right way.


  • No more guessing through the process.

  • No more endless researching through the web and books.

  • No more confusion about what is right and what isn’t.

  • No more getting random and incorrect information.


This is an affordable, self-paced, and stress-free way to set up all facets of the organization without missing any crucial steps in the process.


When you open your doors for business you should already have surplus funds; not scrambling for funding.


Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, week, month, or year and neither will your nonprofit organization. 


Take your time and set it up right and success will be inevitable!


You will not be plagued with incisive financial issues that threaten to close your doors on a regular basis.


Follow the steps to success with the Nonprofit Made Easy™ 12-month coaching program.


Build, Run, and Grow a Profitable, Sustainable, and Compliant organization with your monthly subscription to “Nonprofit Made Easy™.”


And, after you purchase, you aren’t just left on your own to figure it out alone.  I’ll be right there to answer any questions you may have about the information in each lesson for as long as you are a paid member.


Who is this for:

  • Startup nonprofit organizations

  • Nonprofit organizations in distress

  • Anyone thinking about starting a nonprofit organization

  • Anyone wanting to learn about nonprofit organizations


Join the ranks of Social Entrepreneurship and become a Nonprofit Superhero!


The monthly lessons are intense but easy to digest.  They consist of the following:
















01| Nonprofit vs For-Profit: What's the difference and which one is best for me.

02| So, Now What: Putting it all together to make sense. 


Monthly downloads will be delivered available on the 15th of each month.











Basically, if you pay for the entire year at once, you get one month FREE!


Want to become an affiliate of this subscription program? 

Refer someone and have them give me your name and PayPal email and I will pay you 10% per month if they choose to pay monthly and 20% if they pay for the entire year all at once.

Month 1 – The Pre-Work                 

Month 2 – The Board of Directors

Month 3 – Mission, Vision, Values | Name               

Month 4 -  Bylaws

Month 5 – Business/Program Planning

Month 6 - Incorporation  

Month 7 - Filing 1023 EZ/ 1023                                    Month 8 -  Strategic Planning

Month 9  - Cultivating Relationships                          Month 10 - Sourcing Funds   

Month 11 - Employees/Volunteers                              Month 12 - Preparing for Launch

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