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Hey Show Guest,


Thank you for considering being a guest on the "Morning T™."  This Show aims to be a platform that showcases small business owners and allowing them to tell their stories of WHY.  Why they started their businesses, how it has helped them help their families, employees, and community.  It is also a space for you to showcase their expertise by giving some strategic and implementable tips to the audience. 

We encourage guests to have some type of giveaway/contest so that they can further build their social media platforms, grow their email list, and get new customers. 

​The Show is done Live via video Monday through Friday at 6:00 AM EST ONLY, in a discussion/interview format, and is streamed to the Tracy V. Allen YouTube Page and Tracy V. Allen Facebook Public Figure Page.   Within 24-48 hours from streaming, the audio from the show will be uploaded to the Morning T™ Podcast platform to be streamed on eleven different podcast stations.  The show will last approximately 30-45 minutes, depending on the flow.  If you would like a few questions provided for you prior to the interview, please let me know at least 72-hours prior to your show date.   

Below you will find a Morning T™ Show Guest Form that needs to be filled out in its entirety.  This form includes demographic information, Terms, and Conditions, as well as the Guest Agreement.

Please make sure to attach all of the required documents at the time of submission.  Also, include any contact information, including social media handles that you want me to put in the show notes.  Bio's should not be longer than 4-6 sentences.  Please put your bio and photo in the same word document and upload it in the portal below.

​I also ask that Show Guest play an active role in helping to promote their segment by sharing the live link, podcast link, and having at least one watch party for their segment. You should also like the Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages, all named Tracy V. Allen.


I reserve the right to cancel your registration if I do not feel that you are the right fit for the show at this time.  If that is the case, you will be notified via email about the cancelation. 

Respectfully Yours,


Tracy V. Allen

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