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Donor Gift Pyramid Spreadsheet

Donor Gift Pyramid Spreadsheet

SKU: SS0101

This 7 page Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet has directions, examples, and formulas to give nonprofit organizations the edge on planning and succeeding at donor center fundraising efforts.


Learn the formulas for predicting how many qualified donors you have to pitch to get one "yes." This is a plug and play spreadsheet that takes the worry out of donor campaigns. You even get a pyramid chart that will automatically populate once you input your numbers.


© Tracy V. Allen and TVA Consulting 2018

  • Tech Specs.

    This spreadsheet was created using the last version of MS Excel. If you are using an Apple device and would like a copy that is compatable with that programming please send me an email. 


    You can not unsee or "unhear" what you have seen or heard, so for that reason, there are no refunds or returns on course, consultations, books, or any other type of intellectual property on this website/store. 

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