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A La Carte Services 

We offer a variety of customizable consulting services and trainings to meet the needs of the individual organization and help them attain profitability, sustainability, and compliance. 

Fundraising Opportunities


If a nonprofit organization is going to succeed it will depend largely on their ability to effectively create at fund development and sustainability planning. To survive the peaks and valleys a nonprofit must create multiple diverse funding sources in the form of earned income, grants, corporate sponsorships, individual donations, and fundraising.  By diversifying the funding streams the organization will be prepared to weather the storm in uncertain times.  These diverse funding channels must be planned and clearly understood by the staff and board members so it can be implemented, evaluated, and updated in a systematic manner that makes sense to the growth of the organization. 


Tracy can work with your nonprofit to create and implement robust fund development strategies that take you from struggling to thriving.

In a Meeting


Having a strong, committed, and well-trained nonprofit board could be the difference between a nonprofit on the path to victory or one on the path to its demise.  A strong board is made up of diverse members who are passionate and committed to the mission, understands their individual and collective roles, and possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the challenges that every nonprofit will inevitably face.   


Building a strong nonprofit board that meets the needs of the organization is a recurrent process of recruitment, engagement, and development. Tracy can work with your nonprofit organization to develop and implement tools and strategies to help you in this process.

Lecture on Religion


We will make sure that your staff, board of director, and volunteers are trained based on industry best practices.  This training can be conducted, on-site, virtually, or at a retreat.   You choose the areas that you feel your members need to excel in and we take care of the rest. 


Things are always changing in the nonprofit industry and you need to stay abreast of it so that you can continue to grow.  People come and go and they all need to be on the same page.  Tracy can help you get your staff trained so that they can deliver the best service possible and create maximum impact.   



We will conduct an organizational assessment to determine your organization’s readiness for funding using my “GRANPAE” (Grant Readiness and Nonprofit Assessment and Evaluation). If your organization is not ready, we will create a step-by-step strategic plan to bring the organization into compliance.


An organization's ability to be awarded and manage grant funding effectively is not determined by its IRS Determination Letter but rather by its preparedness through data collection and analysis.  Tracy can help you tick all of the necessary boxes to get you grant ready.  

Signing Contract


We will assist with recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding, and training of the Board of Director’s, staff, and volunteers. We will create employee and volunteer handbooks, assessment criteria, and other aspects associated with getting your organization operational.


The structure of the organization and the way in which it is run is in direct correlation to its success.  Tracy can help you create the manual and train the staff, BOD, and volunteers.



We assist organizations with making sure that they are projecting an image of professionalism to attract donors and give the organization credibility. We will create visually appealing websites, logos, flyers, brochures, pamphlets, content, photo shoots, etc.


What your nonprofit organization say visually is as important as what it says verbally.  Make sure that your printed and virtual footprints are telling the story you want the world to know.  Tracy can help you create a visual brand that brings awareness to the cause and attracts new donors. 

Wedding Tent


Creating signature events that the community looks forward to engaging in helps put money in the coffers.  The funds raised from these signature events can be used for operating costs, program expenses, endowment campaign, capital improvements, etc.  These events also give the organizations the opportunity to showcase their mission and impact while engaging with existing and potential supporters. This can cause an increase in financial support, community partnerships, and awareness, imperative to becoming sustainable.

To put together a signature event that is profitable, all involved need to be committed to working toward one vision.  Tracy can coach your staff and volunteers through the planning and execution of your signature event(s).



Continuous Relationship building with donors and prospects is one of the most important actions in securing a nonprofit’s financial success.  Fostering these relationships before and after a gift has been made is often overlooked.  Regular communication makes “The Ask” less icky and stressful.  Knowing how to make those connections are as important as what is communicated.


Developing a donor relations plan can help you prepare strategies for consistent cultivation and personalized communications that create a constant stream of donors.  Tracy can help you develop that plan.

Business Woman Smiling


When your nonprofit inevitably goes through that leadership transition you want to be prepared to avoid unnecessary risk which can affect organizational momentum, decrease staff morale and turnover rates, and a loss of current and future supporters.  Being prepared and having an expert on hand during this tumultuous time will reduce risk and secure what has already been built. 


A nonprofit’s ability to survive despite a planned or unplanned executive transition is key to its overall success.   Tracy can assist your organization with on-boarding, training, and mentorship for the new leader.


Tracy works with a myriad of nonprofit groups, from the startups to well the established, on pertinent issues that allow organizational leaders to be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions that will benefit the organization and the community.  To learn more about working with Tracy, please email her at or schedule a Discovery Session to discuss your particular needs

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